How to Get an Annulment in Alabama

By J. Johnson
An annulment, the marriage

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Unlike divorce, once you receive an annulment, the marriage never legally existed. Under Alabama law, there are several different types of legal precedence that can be used to receive an annulment. It's important that you have proof for the reason you're seeking an annulment. For example, in Alabama, if you're seeking an annulment because one party was underage, you must supply proof of this, such as a copy of the party's birth certificate or driver's license.

Decide on the reason you're seeking an annulment. There are several reasons that give legal precedence for an annulment in Alabama. You can get an annulment if the marriage was between close relatives, such as nephew or niece, aunt or uncle, sibling or parent, if one of the parties is already married, if one of the parties was under the influence of alcohol or drugs during the marriage ceremony, if the marriage cannot be consummated due to impotence, or if one of the parties had been threatened or blackmailed and forced into the marriage. You can also seek an annulment if one or both of the parties was under the age of 14 at the time the marriage took place. Under Alabama law, you must be over the age of 14 to get married.

Contact a lawyer or a clerk of the court to help you start the annulment process and gather the necessary paperwork. The paperwork can be acquired by your lawyer through the Alabama Court of Civil Appeals, or can be found online at the Resource below for a fee. Both parties will need to fill out and sign the paperwork before it can be submitted.

Have documented proof for the reason you're requesting an annulment. These documents might include proof that the two parties are related, underage or already married. Other reasons, such as one party being under the influence of alcohol or forced into the marriage, will be more difficult to prove. Having signed statements by witnesses may be helpful. A lawyer who handles annulments in the state of Alabama will be able to help you document the necessary proof.

Submit the paperwork and documented proof to the county clerk's office in the Alabama county you live in or the county you were married in. Your lawyer or a clerk of the court can help you decide which county to submit the paperwork to. Once all the documents are submitted, the county court will decide if an annulment can be granted.

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