How to Get a Replacement Social Security Card in Missouri

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Losing a Social Security card can be inconvenient and even dangerous. If someone has stolen your Social Security card, he can use your identity to hurt your credit or steal money from you.

According to the Social Security Administration website, it’s more important to know your Social Security number than to have an actual Social Security card. However, cards are helpful forms of identification. Obtaining a replacement requires documents proving your identity. Social Security offices in Missouri can be found by entering your ZIP code on the Social Security Office Locator website, listed under Resources below.

Fill out Form SS-5. This is a Social Security Administration form for people either applying for a Social Security card for the first time or seeking a replacement card. You can download and print a copy of the form from the link listed under Resources below.

Gather original documents that prove identity. To request a replacement card, you must provide one document that proves your identity. The document must be current and include name and biographical information (your date of birth or age, or the names of your parents) and or physical information (a photograph, or physical description, such as height, eye and hair color). Options include:

Driver’s license issued in the United States, or State-issued non-driver identification card, or U.S. passport.

If none of those three are not available, Social Security may also accept: Employee ID card School ID card Health insurance card (not a Medicare card) U.S. military ID card

If you were born outside the United States, gather original documents that prove U.S. citizenship. Options include:

U.S. birth certificate U.S. consular report of birth U.S. passport Certificate of Naturalization Certificate of Citizenship

If you are not a U.S. citizen, gather original documents that prove current, lawful, work-authorized status. Options include:

Form I-551 (includes machine-readable immigrant visa with your unexpired foreign passport) I-94 form with your unexpired foreign passport Work permit card from the Department of Homeland Security (I-766 or I688B)

Take or mail the form and documents to your local Social Security office. According to the instructions for Form SS-5: "We can only accept original documents or documents certified by the custodian of the original record. Notarized copies or photocopies which have not been certified by the custodian of the record are not acceptable."

To find your local Social Security office in Missouri, go to the Social Security Office Locator site, listed under Resources below.


  • According to the Social Security Administration website, individuals are limited to three replacement cards in a year, or 10 in a lifetime.



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