How to Sign Away Paternity Rights in Wyoming

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Wyoming law permits a biological father the ability to sign away his paternity rights (also known as parental rights) in very limited circumstances. Paternity law in Wyoming generally permits a father to terminate his paternity rights only if an adoption is to occur. In other words, the law in Wyoming does not permit the termination of a father's paternity rights if such an act leaves only the mother to provide for the child. Therefore such a termination of paternity rights typically is part of an adoption case, either by a stepparent or by a couple seeking to adopt the child.

Obtain a voluntary relinquishment of paternity rights form. The clerk of the court likely has such a form available for your use if the termination of paternity rights is part of a stepparent adoption. If the termination is part of a full adoption case where both birth parents desire to relinquish their rights, the clerk of the court or the agency or attorney arranging the adoption will have the proper form.

Read the voluntary relinquishment form closely and make sure you understand it. Signing the document completely terminates your paternity rights forever.

Sign the voluntary relinquishment of paternity rights form in front of a notary public.

File the form with the clerk of the court where the stepparent or complete adoption proceedings are pending. In the alternative, provide the executed consent form to an attorney overseeing the process.

Keep a copy of the voluntary relinquishment of paternity rights form for your own records.

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