How to Obtain Divorce Decree Papers

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Compose a letter outlining your request for a copy of your divorce decree. Be sure to include your full name, your ex-husband or ex-wife's full name, the date of your divorce, the place of your divorce and the purpose for which the copy is needed. It is wise to include your or your ex-wife's maiden name to help the state locate your records more easily. Include your current address and phone number, your driver's license number and the state where it was issued and date the request letter. If you are not the ex-husband or ex-wife, explain your relationship to them. Be sure to sign the letter.

Send the letter with a self-addressed stamped envelope and a copy of your government issued photo identification to the Vital Records Office in the state where your divorce was granted.

The copies of your divorce decree should be sent to you by mail. If a few weeks have passed and you have not received anything, call the Vital Records Office to ensure that the request was received.



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