How to Get Felonies Off Your Record

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Need to get a felony off your record? Everyone makes mistakes and we all need a second chance. But if you have a felony on your record you may be beginning to feel like you are not going to get a second chance. You can. Follow these steps to get felonies off your record with the help of a felony lawyer.

Examine your record for false felonies.

You probably do not need a felony lawyer yet for this step. If you find false charges on your record law requires the agency responsible to examine those records within a predetermined amount of time and remove any false charges. Apply to have them removed by first checking with the reporting agency. This generally does not require a felony lawyer unless you experience resistance.

Determine the requirements for expunging your record.

If you did commit a felony and you want it to be removed, you want to expunge your record. In most states this requires a certain amount of time (i.e. 5 years) past the conviction, a certain age if you were a juvenile (i.e. 24+) and/or certain requirements such as limits to one conviction without possibility of being sentenced to life in prison. It varies from state to state. You can consult with a felony lawyer for free on the first visit and determine your candidacy. You will need a felony lawyer to proceed if you qualify.

Decide on the type of record cleanse you need.

You can generally expunge your record absolutely which removes all conviction and guilt, or conditionally which removes the felony but not the determination of guilt. Consult with your felony lawyer as to the ramifications for your case.

Submit your application and attend the hearing.

Your felony lawyer will make clear the steps necessary in your state and will help you dot your i's and cross your t's. Be sure to fill in every relevant section and to avoid dishonesty at all costs. Often the hearing will be in front of the convicting judge if possible.

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  • Most states have key qualifications for expunging records. A felony lawyer can help you word your application to give it the best shot.
  • Dress professionally, not flamboyantly, when going to your hearing.
  • Only speak when you felony lawyer indicates you should.
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