How to File an Annulment Online

The task of ending a marriage is never easy. There are ways to end your marriage without an ugly, time-consuming divorce. An annulment is a way to dissolve your marriage, declaring it null and void. Various websites let you file an annulment and start your new life. To qualify for an annulment you must prove that the marriage was based on fraud of some kind. A marriage can be annulled if one individual was under the legal marrying age, one party was still married to another individual, one was mentally incompetent, the marriage was obtained by fraud (lying or withholding information from the spouse) by either party or if consent to the marriage was obtained by force.

Filing an Annulment Online

Visit a website that allows to file your annulment online, such as or Each of these sites will allow you to file your annulment online once you pay their specified fee.

See if you qualify to file your annulment with the service by answering a questionnaire. On the right-hand side of the website under “See If You Qualify," click on “Take the Test." You will be asked a series of questions ranging from the reason for the annulment to your state of residence. An instant response will be emailed to you.

Click “Start Here” on the lower left-hand side of the website, under “How It Works." This will take you to a page that will allow to choose your state.

Select the state where you live. Once your state is chosen, the service will be able to give a precise cost for your annulment.

Order the legal annulment service for your state. After you have completed the transaction, send in your information through the annulment questionnaire. Your paperwork will be completed within two to three business days and sent back to you for review.

Sign and give the completed annulment papers to the local county courthouse. Get the scheduled hearing date and attend your annulment hearing.



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