How to Get a Free Copy of Your Divorce Documents

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If you are in the midst of a divorce or have concluded your case, you may need a full set of the documents associated with your case. In fact, because issues in a divorce case often arise again at a future date, you are well served having a complete set of your divorce documents. Another reality is that in some divorce cases a great deal of documents are generated. Therefore, if you are left having to pay for copies of divorce documents, you end up spending a great deal of money. There are ways in which you can get a free copy of your divorce documents.

Contact your divorce attorney (if you retained a lawyer for your case). Request a complete set of your divorce documents. Your attorney is required to provide you a copy of your divorce documents. Some attorneys make these materials available to their clients at no charge. However, lawyers are permitted to charge a reasonable fee for duplicating documents.

Contact the clerk of the court where your divorce case was filed. Explain that you need a copy of your divorce files but you can't afford to pay for these materials.

Request that the clerk's office send you the standard forms to request divorce documents and to waive the fee for reproducing these materials. The clerk's office will send these forms to you.

Complete the request and fee waiver forms and mail these documents back to the clerk of the court. At this juncture, the clerk's staff will duplicate your file. If you reside in the community where you obtained your divorce, you likely will be asked to pick up the documents from the clerk's office. Otherwise, the clerk's staff will mail your divorce documents to you.



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