How to Report Drug Trafficking to the DEA

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The U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency works with agencies, such as Interpol and United Nations, on an international level to combat drug trafficking and accepts tips from citizens closer to home. You can report suspected drug trafficking to the DEA in writing, online using the tip submission form or by telephone.

Online and Telephone Reporting

To submit a tip online, go to the DEA's website and click on the Operations drop-down menu; scroll down to "Submit a Tip." The form requests your name, telephone number, email address and nearest DEA division. You will also need to provide the date and location of the suspicious event and a description of the activity you witnessed. The DEA may contact you if more information is required. Use this form only for possible growing, manufacturing, distributing or trafficking of controlled substances. For suspected illegal prescription drug sales or suspicious Internet pharmacies, the DEA uses a separate reporting process through its Office of Diversion Control. If you prefer to report drug trafficking by telephone, you may call your local DEA division. Phone numbers are available on the DEA website.


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