How to Get Unemployment while going to School

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In many states, a dislocated worker is eligible to keep receiving unemployment insurance while attending college. This is the government's way of trying to build a skilled and updated workforce. If you believe that your lack of a degree is a limiting factor in returning to work, consider pursuing an Associate's degree or other certificate to boost your resume.

Step 1

Look up your state's unemployment website. This is where you can find the printable application, as well as details about the process and who to contact with questions.

Step 2

Apply to a training program. You must have a training program in mind in order to be eligible for training benefits.

Step 3

Print and fill out a training benefits application packet.

Step 4

Mail the application to the agency involved in unemployment benefit payment in your state. It's important to do this soon after you have been laid off and picked a training program.

Step 5

Wait for an approval.


  • If you are denied training benefits the first time, you have the right to appeal.


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