How to Win a Workers Compensation Settlement

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You want to know how to win a workers compensation settlement, perhaps because you have been injured. No one can absolutely guarantee anything when dealing with the court system, but there are some general rules of thumb that will increase your chances to win a workers compensation settlement. In every case, it is important to seek legal help from a qualified attorney.

Step 1

Accept first aid or ask for a doctor if you have been injured. Sometimes a worker may think it is too minor to warrant a bandage or a trip to the doctor. However, if you accept the offered help, then your chances to win a workers compensation settlement have been strengthened because your injury is documented as far as possible by a medical professional.

Step 2

Follow the company procedure regarding reporting the incident. Such procedures are generally in place to protect you and to protect the company by eliminating safety hazards, as well as minimize any injury you have sustained.

Step 3

Consult a worker's comp attorney. Lawyers who specialize in work place accidents and injuries will give you the best chance to win a worker's compensation settlement.

Step 4

Follow the prescribed treatment advised by the physician. Attend physical therapy if advised by the physician. If activity limits are placed upon you, abide by them.


  • Do not overlook the simple steps because of confusion or the desire to avoid making a fuss. Follow company policy and the advice of your physician and attorney, and you have given yourself the best chance of winning a worker's compensation claim.


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