How to get a CHILD support Warrant

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get a CHILD support Warrant

get a warrant for non payment of child support

The first thing you need to do is know what your court order states and the date of the order. You will need to locate your local Probate and Family Court, it must be the court where you child support order was ordered. You need to file a Compliant for Contempt, which means A person is NOT following A Court order.

You will be given a Court date and summons. You will need to serve the other party with a copy of the forms you completed along with the Court date. A sheriff can serve the papers. You MUST come to Court with proof that you served the forms. If the other party does not show up for the Court hearing then the Judge upon proof of service can issues you a CAPIAS which is a civil arrest warrant.

You will be given the warrant which you will need to bring to the sheriff to serve. The sheriff will arrest the party and bring them to court to answer to the charges.

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