Reasons to Get a Restraining Order

Restraining orders allow the court to order someone to stop abusing you or threatening to abuse you and provide penalties for contact and threats that would otherwise be permissible. A restraining order is the first step in protecting yourself from an abuser.

Official Record

Obtaining a restraining order allows you to have an official record of the abuse. This will help you to prove your case for abuse should you need evidence for another matter such as a divorce or custody matter. Creating such a record will add credibility to your contentions that you were abused and that you took steps to end the abuse.

Police and Other Officials

Police and other officials are often powerless to protect you from abuse until you are actually hurt by it. A restraining order gives the police the power to arrest and remove your abuser without contacting you, as the restraining order prohibits the abuser from attempting to contact you at all. This will give the police more power to protect you from your abuser.


The court can also protect your children from your abuser by awarding you temporary custody of the children. This allows you to get yourself and your children away from your abuser and to prevent your abuser from using your children as a way to hurt you.

Family Home

The restraining order can also provide you the legal authority to remove the abuser from your home. This can give you the necessary protection to ensure your safety and to give you time to determine how to proceed in order to protect yourself from your abuser.


About the Author

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