How to Keep All of Your Divorce Records Private

keep divorce records private

What most people do not know is that divorce records are public information, except for financial statments. Why? People who search properties and title examiners use these documents for years to come searching the chain of command on who owns a piece of real estate. Why? The want to make sure that a title to a home or land is clean before it is sold or the deed is changed.

In the mean time the general public can go to their local Probate and family Court and read your divorce file. How does one stop or prevent this. This is a very simple act but few people do it. You need to file a Motion to have your divorce docket Impounded. This is done often in cases of domestic violence or a high profile case. It is a simple Motion but the Judge needs to rule on it and sign it as an order.

Once the order is signed your divorce case will be kept in a separate area and the public will not be allowed to acess it.

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