How to Legally Change Your Name After Marriage in Ohio

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A new bride who has made the decision to take her husband's name after marriage will need to take steps in order to make the name change legal. The process of legally changing your name in Ohio is simple when the reason for the name change is a recent marriage. Most offices will require you to bring in documents proving your identity and the original or a certified copy of your marriage certificate.

Voting Registration Card The easiest way to do this is to complete a notice of change in voting status and file this notice with the court when you apply for a marriage license. If you already have a marriage license, then you will need to fill out a voter registration form. These forms are available at libraries, license bureau and the Board of Elections. You can also request a form from the Board of Elections office by mail or telephone. Once the form has been completed, send it by mail to the Board of Elections for your county.

Social Security Card There is no fee required to receive a new social security card but you will need to visit a local Social Security office. Bring your marriage certificate with you as well as an identifying document with your picture on it such as a driver's license, state issued I.D. card, or a U.S. passport. You must also show proof of U.S. citizenship in the form of a U.S. birth certificate, U.S. passport, certificate of naturalization, or a certificate of citizenship. All of these documents must be originals or certified copies in order to be accepted. Form SS-5 can then be obtained and completed at the office and you will receive your new social security card in the mail within ten business days.

Notify your employer of your name change in order to prevent problems with the IRS due to your social security number being connected to two names. Your employer may ask to see a copy of the marriage certificate.

Ohio Driver's License Take your marriage certificate, driver's license, and new social security card to the Ohio Deputy Registrar Office. You will need to purchase a new license for the fee of $19.50.

Contact all companies you have accounts with such as banks, credit cards, utilities and let them know about your name change. Some companies may ask to see a copy of your marriage certificate for verification.


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