How to Claim Disability Benefits

Determine your eligibility for Social Security disability benefits. You must have a disability that renders you unable to work, and you must expect that condition to last at least one year. You also must have worked a certain amount of time before becoming disabled. This is based on your age. See the chart in Resources for more information

Fill out a Disability Report application online or at the nearest Social Security office.

Provide the Social Security office with permission to contact your health care providers and obtain any information relevant to your case.

Describe your medical condition and explain why it will make you unable to work for at least the next year.

Allow the Social Security office time to complete obtaining your medical information from your health care providers. The office might contact you with requests for further medical information.

Receive a decision letter from the Social Security Administration. If your claim is approved, the letter will give you the details on how much you will receive and when you can expect your disability payments to begin. If you are denied, the letter will provide you with the rationale for the decision along with information on how to appeal the decision.



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