How to Check Pending Warrants

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Warrants are a means of securing an individual and committing him to the county jail where the warrant originated. Warrants are delivered to the sheriff in the county of jurisdiction and gives him permission to detain the person listed on the warrant until he can be brought before a judge. As such, the local jail, which is under the direct control of the sheriff, should be contacted for warrant information.

Call the County Sheriff

Ascertain the county where the warrant was issued. Using a telephone directory, look up the telephone number for the jail and write it down. This number may not be listed separately as the jail. If it is not, simply call the county sheriff directly. Call the jail's telephone number and say that you have a question about an arrest warrant. Inform the jail representative of the name for whom the warrant is issued. If possible, have information such as the Social Security number and date of birth of the person named on the warrant as well as the case number available. Ask the telephone representative about "pending" warrants only, as "executed" warrants are those in which the alleged has already been arrested.


  • Some jurisdictions have online warrant look-up services which allow for fast, discreet warrant information.


  • If you find that someone you know has a warrant, convince her to turn herself in.


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