How to Pay for a Divorce

••• Jason Morrison

If you have savings that are in your name only, then withdraw some of that money to pay for the divorce. Keep track of all the money you spend. Depending on the outcome, you may be able to get some money back from either your spouse or any joint bank accounts.

Get a credit card. No one wants to run up debt, especially if a divorce is pending. But a credit card can provide the money quickly to pay for a divorce and give you some time to pay it off.

Ask family members for help. Treat it as a loan, spelling out the total, terms of repayment and interest. Try to pay if off with money from the divorce settlement.

If your house or car is in your name, consider selling it. Do not sell assets that are in both you and your partner's names, because this community property will be figured in the divorce settlement.

Talk to an attorney about the expenses involved. Depending on the situation, legal fees associated with your divorce may be able to be calculated as part of the final settlement.

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