How to Apply for Handicap Parking

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For individuals with physical disabilities, handicap parking is far more than a convenience---it's a necessity. Whether you suffer from arthritis and cannot walk long distances or must use a wheelchair, handicap parking is a solution for more individuals across the nation. Unfortunately, many people suffer needlessly simply because they do not think they qualify for handicap parking. However, if you have a physical disability, it may be beneficial to apply for handicap parking.

Talk to your doctor before you apply. Get her professional opinion regarding your disability and let her know why you feel handicap parking may be beneficial for you.

Check your state's requirements. To do this, contact your local DMV and ask what the criteria are for receiving a handicap parking permit. Most states will require a doctor's approval and a small application fee ($25 or less).

Obtain an application and fill it out completely. Many states make these forms accessible through their website, so you may be able to download and print the application right at home.

Bring the application to your doctor and have him sign it. Many states also require the application to be notarized by an official notary public, so make sure you follow the application's exact instructions.

Include any applicable fees with your application and mail it to the required address. If approved, you can expect to receive your handicap parking permit within four to six weeks from the mailing date.


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