How to Help a Friend Who Gets Arrested

It's about 2 in the morning and you suddenly get a phone call that your good friend has been caught and arrested and he needs your help. You have to call for legal help but at this time it will be hard to get one on the phone immediately. Here are some ways you can help your friend.

Locate where he is being held. When the police calls you, this should be the first thing to ask.

If you can talk to your friend tell him not to say anything until the lawyer arrives to represent him to the authorities. It is always better not to say anything if you are not too sure because those things can just be used to incriminate you.

Ask your friend what the charges are, but don't let him recount what happened on the phone. The police may be recording your conversation so be careful.

Alcohol screening tests are a standard. Advise your friend not to agree to any other tests aside from that until after the lawyer arrives.

Do not stop looking for lawyers and dialing their numbers. You should find a criminal defense attorney at once, who can go to the location of your friend. There are lawyers who can do this for free but others request to be paid at least $150 to $350 just for this immediate task at hand.

Make it clear with the lawyer that you are only employing his services in order to secure your friend's rights during the night and maybe during the arraignment but you are not getting him for a retainer's. Not yet.


  • Just repeatedly advise your friend to not say anything but ask for a lawyer until you have arranged for some help for him.