How to Get a Liquor License in California

By Barbara Burgess
Get a Liquor License in California

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The issuing department for liquor licenses in California is The Department of Alcohol Beverage control. This department handles the issuing, monitoring and regulating of all businesses that apply for and hold a liquor license.

Use the right form. Make sure when you are applying for a liquor license in California that you use the form from the Alcohol Beverage Control department. Using anything else slows down the process.

Include all information. Along with filing the proper form, information pertinent to all those involved in a controlling position in the establishment is needed. Information regarding your business structure determines all parties that need to file for a liquor license permit for your business.

Know beforehand. Before you or others involved in your business apply for a liquor license in California, know your facts. It's important to know without question that no felonies are on record for anyone applying for the license.

Pay a fee. A filing fee for a general off-sale beer and wine license of $100 dollars accompanies your application for a liquor license. Fees collected for an original general on-sale and off-sale full liquor license is $12,000. Applicant fees for on-sale beer license is $200 and for an on-sale beer and wine license is $300. These fees go into the Alcohol Beverage Control Fund.

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