How to Marry a Prisoner

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If you want to marry someone who is in jail, there are special steps you have to take to accomplish this. Before you begin the process, make sure you can handle the emotional toll of not being able to see, hold or be with your spouse every day. If you want to go forward with the marriage, then be prepared to follow certain guidelines.

Call the prison and speak to the chaplain or other knowledgeable person to find out the requirements to marry a prisoner at this particular jail.

Have your intended complete the marriage request process at the jail. He must fill out the necessary forms and send them to you to complete. You return the packet to the jail along with a money order for the marriage fee.

Provide any necessary documentation, such as a driver's license, marriage license or birth certificate.

Choose someone to conduct the ceremony. The prison directors may have an approved list of pastors or they may allow you to bring in an outside officiant. Expect to pay this person's fee in cash or money order at the time of the marriage ceremony.

Arrange for a witness to accompany you to the wedding (check for permission before arrival) or use another approved inmate as your witness.

Begin your life together after your new spouse gets out of jail. Know that you may experience an adjustment period as you go from a long distance relationship to living with someone in the same house every day. Unfortunately, the statistics are against you, as 80 percent of marriages in which one person is incarcerated end in divorce. You may want to consider a prenuptial agreement to protect your assets.