How to Regain Parental Rights of a Minor

By Legal Editor

Parental rights are the most important part of maintaining a legal relationship with your minor child. Your rights to your child could have been terminated either voluntarily or forcefully for numerous reasons, but it doesn't have to stay that way. Find out what legal measures you need to take to restore your parental rights and stay a part of your child's life.

Find an attorney who specializes in child custody cases. Most attorneys give a first consultation for free, so explain your case and get feedback from several before settling on the one you feel will help you the most.

Get your child involved in the legal proceedings. Nevada law allows the courts to appoint an attorney for the child to advocate his case and let him have a say as to whether your parental rights should be restored. Minors age 16 and over can argue for a change in custody in Minnesota. If you file jointly with your child, you have a greater chance of getting your parental rights restored to you.

Gather evidence that your child's current custody arrangement is unsatisfactory. Talk with friends, family members and other objective parties for possible court testimony. Look into her current guardian's background for any past or present legal trouble. Demonstrate to the judge that restoring your parental rights is beneficial to your child.

Learn about alternative measures to secure your parental rights. Parental rights groups like Citizen Resolution 1 allow parents to have a trial of their peers to determine whether to restore parental rights. Deliver proof that you should be involved in raising your child through reference letters from family, friends and employers that illustrate your relationship with him. Have your attorney file a motion with court to restore your parental rights in whatever venue you choose.

Accept whatever decision the judge makes because you can't change the outcome at that moment. If the judge allows you either supervised visits or limited visitation, take it for now and show the court you can care for your child. Show the court you love her and would do anything to fulfill her needs. Consider this a step to restoring your parental rights and take advantage of the opportunity.

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