How to Make a List of Personal Assets

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How to Make a List of Personal Assets. There are reasons to make a list of personal assets. You may need to know what you have in order to make a will or for insurance purposes. Valuables such as a car, house, computers and jewelry are usually noted, but there are many other personal assets that you may forget that you should consider in your list. Read on to learn how to make a list of personal assets.

Step 1

List your personal assets that are common, such as your house, car, computers and jewelry. Make sure you list each piece of jewelry. When you make the list try to make it as thorough as possible, this means including the age of the car, it's condition, it's mileage and it's book value. Add in the amount of your savings and any stock and bonds you may have.

Step 2

Take pictures of your more valuable personal assets, such as your car, house and jewelry. You may also want to include pictures of your furniture, especially if you are making a list of your assets for insurance purposes. Don't forget to keep the information for your computers in a safe place.

Step 3

Keep a list of your clothing so if you have a fire you can furnish the insurance company the list so they have a starting point on what to pay you. Keeping receipts can also be a plus, since they will give you a portion of the amount you spent.

Step 4

Make sure you keep copies of your pictures in a fireproof safe on a CD if possible, so if the unexpected happens you will not lose them. Although you may forget to list pictures when listing your personal assets, if you lose them, you will realize how valuable they are.

Step 5

Include any collectibles in your list of personal assets. You should note any collectibles you have because they may be worth more than you realize. These could include a plate collection, a train collection or a baseball collection.


  • Keep the list of your personal assets in a safe that is fireproof or a safety deposit box at a bank. This is one list that is worth it's weight in gold.
  • You can use software that will make listing your personal assets easier. You can also use a spreadsheet to list your personal assets on your computer.

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