How to Get a Free Divorce

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In this day in age when people are divorcing quickly, it is getting super expensive to get as divorce. There is a way you can get the divorce free, which is great for those between the population who are living on tight budgets.

Visit your local bookstore and purchase the latest copy of the book divorce yourself book, visit your local library and barrow it for a week or two. You could also search on eBay and pick up a copy for a few dollars.

Read the book all the way through to get an idea of the work involved. This book will walk you systematically through the process of typing your divorce in your word processing program.

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Open a new document in your word processor and save it as divorce papers. Each chapter if the book tells you what to type, so that is no problem. The index of specific states will tell you more information about what specific states require. Figure out what forms you need and type in the name of them into the document.

Type up all forms needed, and make sure all the wording, and spacing is correct, as this is a legal document. Print off copies of each form as needed and sign the papers in the spots where you are supposed too. You will need to sign the papers in front of a notary so they become legal documents.

Hand your spouse the other copies of the divorce papers, and they can file them for $200 to $250 dollars at your local court to have the judge read them. Handing the signed divorce papers to your spouse puts the legal cost on them, and it is cheaper for the both of you to get the divorce that you seek.


  • Most divorce papers are at least ten pages but can go as high as 30 pages, so it is much typing and will take some time to complete.
  • The hardest part of typing up your own divorce papers are the emotional factor, as it does bring back some painful memories so taking your time or having a trusted friend type the more painful parts of this certainly helps.
  • Do not try to use these divorce papers to take total advantage of your spouse, be honest and fair in everything when typing up your papers.
  • The only cost you need to pay is for the book, which is less than $30.00, using a no-fault divorce; this is legal in all 50 states.


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