How to Recycle APC Batteries

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APC brand batteries are used to generate power for Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) machines. If a traditional power source is compromised through a power cut, emergency or storm, UPS machines provide a backup power source to run electrical equipment. APC has developed a system to return and recycle used batteries in exchange for a percentage discount off of a new battery.

Place the used battery in a padded envelope. Affix the return label that was included in the original packaging on the envelope. APC includes a battery recycling return label with every battery and UPS purchase. Bring the package to the post office to mail it back to APC with free shipping. You must have the original shipping label to be entitled to free shipping. Otherwise you must choose another option for disposal.

Visit your local recycling center to drop off the batteries. Check beforehand to see whether the recycling center accepts batteries.

Bring the used batteries to your local Staples office supply store and recycle the batteries at the check-out counter. APC and Staples have teamed up to offer battery recycling to APC customers.


  • Do not throw batteries in the trash, they are considered hazardous materials.


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