How to Ship a Car to Taiwan

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Shipping a car to Taiwan requires you to obtain a shipping permit from the U.S. Customs Office. The registration/title of the vehicle is needed to obtain a permit. A duty is levied by the shipping company to ship the car to Taiwan. Upon reaching Taiwan, the vehicle has to undergo inspection by The Bureau Of Foreign Trade (BOFT) in Taiwan. The BOFT will calculate the import duty to be levied on the car depending on the model, year of manufacture and estimated current market price. After all the duty is paid, the BOFT registers the car. To be allowed to drive in Taiwan, you should have an International Driving License (IDL).

Check records. Confirm details of registration of the car from the Department of Transportation in your state. Before you can ship the car, have a valid title, driver’s license, passport, owner’s residence, visa and a purchase invoice.

Contact a shipping company. The Department of Transportation registers and lists all certified shipping companies. They include Ship My Auto, Shipping-Worldwide, Auto car Shippers and Expat Finder. The shipping company prepares a shipping invoice containing the vehicle registration details, engine number, vehicle model and descriptions of its color, radio, air conditioning and whether it is a left-hand drive or a right-hand drive vehicle.

Pay shipping duty. You are required to pay the shipping company an amount of money for shipping your car. The shipping duty is derived from calculations on the age of the car, the country where the car is being shipped and incidental costs like transportation to harbors.

Write a letter. Importers of vehicles into Taiwan must inform the BOFT of their intention to ship the car 30 days before an inspection can be carried out. Details of the car registration and ownership will be required. The Bureau of Foreign Trade then conducts an inspection and the shipments are allowed into Taiwan.

Purchase insurance. Obtain insurance coverage for the car to be shipped from any accredited insurance firm. They include Insure 4 USA, Progressive and Amica Insurance.

Pay and ship. After the calculations are done on the shipping costs, insurance, import duty, permits and re-registration, pay the shipping firm to deliver the car to Taiwan. The vehicle will be inspected and registered by the Taiwanese transport authorities.



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