How to Get a Copy of a Divorce Decree in Los Angeles

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After you go through divorce proceedings, the judge presiding over your case will issue what is known as a divorce decree. A divorce decree is an official document that legally terminates your marriage. In addition, it may also set out certain provisions, such as child and spousal support, that both parties must abide by. In Los Angeles, you may request a copy of your divorce decree through the Los Angeles Superior Court.

Visit the Los Angeles Superior Court's document order website. Click on "Place Order" to the right.

Enter all required information. The petitioner is the one who filed the divorce case with the court. The respondent is the person against whom the divorce case was filed. For example, if you filed for divorce, you would be the petitioner and your former spouse would be the respondent.

Specify the number of divorce decree copies you wish to request.

Enter your contact information. This includes your name, telephone number and delivery address.

Review your order, and enter your credit card information. The Los Angeles Superior Court will charge your credit card for the cost of your request. Certified copies cost $15 plus a 50 cents-per-page fee and postage. Noncertified copies cost 50 cents per page and postage. Submit your order.

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