How to Find Arrest Warrants Issued in the United States


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In the United States arrest warrants information is easily accessible to the general public. You can find warrants against yourself or against potential employers or contractors. The information on warrants can be searched free or for a fee.

The easiest way to search for a warrant is to look in the newspaper. Go to your local newspaper website, type in the person's full name and the word "warrant". Some warrants end up published in newspapers with detailed information.

Use free internet resources from the government agencies, such as the police or the sheriff office. In some counties these offices keep an online database of warrants information. Also, some Federal agencies have warrant information online for use by the general public.


Consider a subscription to one of many warrants online search directories. For a fee these companies offer subscription starting with a one year access to warrants information. This is helpful if you are planning to hire a few people a year for your business.


Make sure to use the correct person's name and other personal information when doing warrant searches. Many people share the same first and last names, only additional unique personal data can confirm the identities.


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