How to Find Out if I Have a Federal Warrant

By Jonathan McLelland
If you have a federal warrant, it's vital you turn yourself in to prevent the charge from increasing.
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Federal warrants are issued by federal judges to seize, search or arrest an individual. Unlike local or state arrest warrants, a federal warrant is severe as this means the individual may be charged with a federal crime. Once a federal warrant is issued, the warrant is entered into a national database so law enforcement officers at all levels have access to this information, which can help make it easy to find out if a federal warrant has been placed upon you.

Call the federal clerk of the court within your district. Inquire with the clerk about current federal warrants, and give the clerk your first name, last name, date of birth and Social Security number. If the clerk is able to deliver this information, he will inform you of any active federal warrants in your name. If you are not comfortable contacting the federal clerk yourself, have a friend or relative call on your behalf. Note: some districts do not provide active warrant information via the telephone.

Visit the courthouse for your district, and speak with the courthouse clerk. Provide the clerk with your first name, last name, Social Security number and your date of birth. Inform him you wish to run a federal warrant check. Again, if you do not feel comfortable visiting the courthouse yourself, have a friend or relative visit on your behalf.

Visit your city's police station, and inform the front desk officer you wish to have your name ran through the National Crime Information Center Database to check for an active warrant. Upon entering your name and other personal information into this database, information regarding active federal or local arrest warrants will populate. If your name is located on the list, you will be apprehended on site.

Call the National Crime Information Center at 304-625-2000 from the hours of 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (EST) and ask to have your name ran in the Wanted Persons database. Provide the operator with your first and last name. You may be required to provide your Social Security number to ensure the warrant is issued for you and not for another individual with the same name. The operator will inform you of any active federal warrants.

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