How to Report a Bad Driver to PennDOT

By Kelli Peacock Dunn
If you spot a bad driver on a Pennsylvania road, alert authorities immediately.

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If you are driving on a Pennsylvania roadway and spot a reckless driver, your initial thought may be to call the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT). However, it is important to relay information about the reckless driver to police or sheriff's officers directly and as quickly as possible. Unlike some states, Pennsylvania does not have a hotline for phoning in bad driver reports. Here is the best way to alert authorities to an unsafe driver in Pennsylvania.

Call 911 immediately if you spot a driver on a Pennsylvania roadway who seems to be impaired or driving recklessly. Provide as much detail as possible about the location and description of the vehicle. If you can see the tag number, give that information to the dispatcher.

Try to alert a patrol officer. If you spot a Pennsylvania State Police officer parked along the highway, pull over and alert him to the matter before an accident occurs.

Contact the police or sheriff's department. If you observe the reckless driver within the city limits of a Pennsylvania city, contact the local police department to report the matter. If the reckless driver is in a county area, call the sheriff's department.

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