How to Change Your Name in Charlotte

By Elton Dunn

Changing your name in Charlotte, North Carolina, requires paperwork and 10 days wherein the county courthouse notifies the community of your name change. If you're a minor, you need parental consent to change your name. Adults can change their name without consulting others. Whether you're changing your first name or last name, the procedure is the same.

Obtain the Name Change form from the 26th Judicial District SelfServe Center, located in Charlotte ( The state maintains separate forms for adults and minors, so get the right forms. You'll need a notice of intent to change name, petition to change name and order and certificate of name change. Minors also need two character affidavits and an affidavit of parental consent.

Fill out the notice of intent to change name and return the form to Clerk of Court-Special Proceedings Department at the Mecklenburg County Courthouse ( The clerk will post your notice of intent on the Courthouse bulletin board for 10 days, as state law mandates.

Take the name change petition to a notary public. Complete and sign the form in front of the notary public and get the form notarized. Have two friends complete the character affidavits and have parents complete the affidavit of parental consent, if you're a minor. These forms must also be notarized, so your parents and friends will need to accompany you to a notary if you are a minor.

Bring all signed and notarized forms back to the Mecklenburg County Courthouse when the 10 days are up. Also take a photo identification like a driver's license and an original and photocopy of your birth certificate. Retrieve your notice of intent to change name from the bulletin board, and take all forms to the Special Proceedings Room 3720.

File the forms with the clerk and pay the filing fee to complete the name change process.

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