How Do I Check if My Minor Record Has Been Expunged?

By Christopher Michael
Don't let your criminal history hold you back.

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A criminal record can cause you hardship, even if your crime was committed as a minor. Until your record is sealed or expunged you must disclose any convictions to employers. It can make it hard to obtain an education, get a job or volunteer for certain organizations. Every state will allow you to request your own criminal history. With a little time, effort and know-how you can see if your minor record has officially been expunged.

Research how to obtain a copy of your criminal record in the state where you were convicted of crimes. Most states use a Department of Justice to keep criminal records, while other states use specific branches of law enforcement.

Obtain a criminal history request application. Most states will have these forms available online. Fill the application out completely in blue or black ink.

Apply for a criminal history in the appropriate manner. Most states allow you to mail in the application with a set of fingerprints and payment of a fee. Pay the fee in the form of a US Postal money order.

Receive your criminal history. Look at the history for evidence of your minor criminal record. If they are on the history than you record was not expunged.

To proceed with expunging your record, contact your state's Department of Justice. There are different proceedings for adults and minors.

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