How to Clear a DUI Off a Record in Connecticut

By Christopher Michael
It's possible to expunge your DUI record in Connecticut.

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Driving under the influence (DUI) is an emotionally charged crime. According to the National Highway Traffic Administration there were 10,839 fatalities in the United States involving DUI in 2009. Having a DUI on your record can cause you hardship. It will make it difficult to obtain a job that involves driving. It may make it hard to obtain employment of any kind. In Connecticut, you can expunge your DUI by taking the proper steps after a prescribed period of time.

Look at your court papers for your most recent criminal conviction. In Connecticut you must wait a certain period of time after your most recent crime, even if it is not the DUI. Note the date of disposition.

Determine the exact type of crime entered for your last conviction. If it was a misdemeanor you must wait three years after the disposition; a felony requires five years. Wait the prescribed period of time.

Visit the website for the State of Connecticut. Search for the form entitled "Instructions for Completing and Expungement/Provisional Pardon Petition." Download and print the form.

Read the instructions carefully and collect the required documents. Go to you local state police station and apply for a criminal history by submitting to fingerprints and paying a $65 fee. Obtain proof that you have successfully completed any probation you may have been a part of.

Go to the arresting police station involved with any arrests in the last 10 years. Obtain a copy of the police reports from the clerk and pay the applicable fee.

Gather three letters of recommendation from respected members of your community. They may come from you parole officer, a teacher or a member of the religious community. Only one letter may be from a blood relative.

Photocopy a government-issued photo I.D. Gather any evidence that would promote your application such as receipts for volunteering, degrees accumulated since the disposition and proof of work.

Fill out the application for expungement completely. Include all documents listed above and mail your application to The Board of Pardons and Paroles, 55 West Main St., Suite 520, Waterbury, CT 06702, Attn: Pardons Unit.

Wait for a judgment from the state of Connecticut. Connecticut will only consider expunging your entire criminal history as a whole, and does not consider expunging just one specific charge. Your entire criminal history will be reviewed and considered.

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