How to Find out if You Have an Active Arrest Warrant out on Yourself?

By Maria Lassen
Law enforcement can arrest you at any time for an active arrest warrant.

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An active arrest warrant is something you want to know about and take care of right away. Should you have a warrant out for your arrest without knowing, you could be arrested at the most inopportune time, causing you even more problems and money. For instance, an officer could pull you over for a speeding ticket and take you in after discovering a warrant. This means your car could be impounded and, if your children are with you, arrangements would need to be made for them. Finding out if you have an active arrest warrant is a simple phone call away.

Call the local police or sheriff's department. Any law enforcement agency in your area can tell you over the phone if there is a warrant out for your arrest. They also can tell you what crime you have been charged with and possibly how much the bond will be. If you identify yourself, law enforcement will inform you to turn yourself in.

Contact a defense attorney. An attorney can call the authorities for you and determine if there is an active arrest warrant out for you. Depending on the seriousness of the charge, the attorney also may be able to negotiate with the police for you to turn yourself in without the need for spending an evening in jail.

Conduct an Internet search. Typically, the sheriff's department is the agency that serves warrants on individuals. Many counties have a website with warrant information available to the public. It provides the name of the individual, the last known address and the criminal charge.

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