How to Fill Out Legal Separation Papers in Kentucky

By Melissa O'Connor
Filling out legal separation papers is easy when both partners agree on all matters.
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A legal separation in Kentucky is awarded to people who do not want a divorce, yet have marriage issues. Although hiring an attorney is recommended, you can do the paperwork if you both agree on certain stipulations. In this case, fill out forms and file them with the appropriate court. It is important to include all necessary information in the agreement to make the filing process more smooth.

Fill out all information such as you and your spouse's name, address, date of birth and occupation. You or your spouse must be a resident of Kentucky 180 days prior to filing the papers.

Describe how property will be divided, including the home you share, vacation homes and other private property either of you own. Include automobiles and other vehicles as well. Determine and list who will retain ownership and how will the property be used.

Include how household bills such as electric, cable, mortgages, etc., will be divided. All other bills such as car payments, credit card debt, school loans and health insurance should be included.

Determine the amount of alimony payments, if needed, and include that in the form. Describe the identities of children you and your spouse have. Include who they will live with and the agreed terms of visitation. These are subject to change in court depending on the salaries and economic status of the couple.

Sign the forms in front of a notary and a witness. You can do this at your local bank, and most notarize for free if you have an account with them. File the completed with your county court. It is possible the court will ask for modifications and come back with a finalized version.

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