How to Cancel a Centurylink Account

By Tiffany Raiford

Century Link provides email, Internet and television services to users. Once you open an account with Century Link and begin utilizing the services provided by Century Link, you can make changes to your account by visiting the Century Link website and logging into your account. If you want to cancel your subscription and account with Century Link all together, you must contact the company directly.

Call the Century Link's customer service department to cancel your Century Link account at 800-366-8201. Speaking to a customer service representative is the only way to cancel an account with Century Link.

Provide the customer service representative with your name, phone number and your Century Link account number. Inform her you'd like to close your account for good. She will handle the closing of your account while you remain on the line.

Pay for any outstanding charges before your account is cancelled. The customer service representative will inform you whether or not you have a balance due and will ask how you'd like to pay. You can provide your bank account information to have the charges debited from your account or you can provide your credit card information.

Confirm your cancellation and write down your cancellation confirmation number as given to you by the customer service representative. Your account is now closed.

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