How to Report Ontario Disability Fraud

By Salvatore Jackson ; Updated June 01, 2017
Young man walking with crutches

The Ontario Disability Support Program, or ODSP, is the agency responsible for providing disability payments to qualifying individuals and families in the Canadian province of Ontario. While the ODSP’s disability program is designed to provide income support to disabled persons with low income, it is possible for some persons to intentionally defraud the ODSP in order to receive disability payments. If you suspect a person is intentionally defrauding ODSP to receive improper disability payments, you can report it to the ODSP Welfare Fraud Hotline.

Obtain information about the suspected ODSP fraud. Determine the name, address and phone number of the person suspected of committing disability fraud, as well as the reasons why the person suspected of defrauding ODSP may not be disabled or may possess income or assets above the poverty level. For instance, if you have seen a person claiming to be disabled engaged in athletic activities, write down the places and type of physical activities they have engaged in.

Call the ODSP fraud hotline during normal working hours. If you wish to make a fraud report by e-mail, you may e-mail the ODSP Welfare Fraud Hotline at

Provide information to the welfare fraud officer about the suspected disability fraud. After receiving your complaint, ODSP will thoroughly investigate your report and determine what type of action should be taken.

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