How to Acquire Australian Citizenship

By Christopher Michael
As an Australian citizen, you will become familiar with the indigenous kangaroo.
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There are many unique benefits in being an Australian citizen, including a guaranteed right to cross the Australian border, access to the nation's public health insurance and socialized government benefits that include grants to buy a home and subsidized education. Australia offers its an extensive working holiday visa program, which allow its citizens the option to live and work in a variety of different countries around the world.

Visit Australia's Department of Immigration and Citizenship website and search its menu of visas. A foreign national must legally enter Australia and live inside the country for four years before applying for citizenship. Options available to enter the country include obtaining a working holiday visa, skilled migrant worker visa or a student visa.

Complete the appropriate visa online, and electronically submit the application with a credit card payment for the appropriate fees. You may be required to gather supporting documents, have them notarized and scanned to submit your application. These documents may include police clearances and medical documents.

Receive approval for your visa, and enter Australia within the appropriate time frame. Generally, you are required to enter Australia within 90 days of your visa approval. Keep all records of your entry into Australia.

Renew your visa or apply for a different visa from within Australia before your initial visa expires. You may be required to work certain jobs or live in certain areas to extend your current visa. You must stay inside Australia for four years to be eligible to apply for citizenship.

Apply for permanent residency during your four years of physical presence inside Australia. Permanent residency is granted to skilled workers who have been offered employment inside Australia or the the spouses of Australian citizens. Have your spouse or a prospective employer sponsor your application for permanent residency.

Apply for citizenship once your residency requirement is satisfied. Four years of physical presence with at least 12 months of permanent residency status is required before an application for citizenship can be filed. Visit Australia's Department of Immigration and Citizenship website, print Form 1300t, complete the application and mail it to the appropriate office in your state.

Receive notification of approval in the mail. Visit Australia's Department of Immigration and Citizenship and search its citizenship test database. Take and pass a written citizenship test.

Attend a citizenship ceremony. Take a pledge of commitment to the country of Australia. Receive your citizenship certificate.

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