How Do I Find My Certificate of Naturalization Number?

By Jane Meggitt ; Updated June 16, 2017
Certificate of Naturalization, a passport and US flag

If you become a naturalized citizen of the United States, you'll receive your certificate of naturalization from the U.S. Customs and Immigration Service. The certificate includes your your naturalization number. It also includes your name at the time of naturalization, address, marital status, former country of citizenship, birth date, gender and height, a photograph and the issue date.

Certificate of Naturalization

Your certificate of naturalization number appears in red on the certificate. If you lose your certificate of naturalization or it is damaged and you need to replace it, you must submit Form N-565 to the USCIS. If you must replace it because of USCIS clerical errors or a misstatement of facts, there is no fee. You can update your certificate if you change your name through marriage or divorce or change your gender, but fees apply.

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