How do I Get a Visa for a Visitor From The Philippines?

By Elizabeth Taufa
In the Philippines, getting a visa is the first step to planning a trip to the United States.
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If you're a Filipino citizen and you've decided to travel to the United States for business or pleasure, your trip will require some planning even before you decide on specific destinations and attractions to visit. Citizens of the Philippines are required to have a visa, a statement of permission from a U.S. government official stationed in the Philippines to enter the United States. Getting a visa is not always an easy process because the onus is on the applicant to prove to a U.S. immigration officer that the visit is for temporary purposes only.

Decide what kind of visa you need. For a business visit you need a B-1 visa; for a pleasure trip, you need a B-2 visa. There are also visas for students, government workers, journalists, athletes and performers and many other classifications of traveler.

Fill out a non-immigrant visa application stating who you are and what the purpose of your visit to the United States will be. Applications can be found on the U.S. Embassy in Manila's website.

Schedule a visa interview through the U.S. Embassy. At the interview, you will have to prove that you have no intention of remaining in the United States permanently by providing documents showing permanent employment and financial stability in the Philippines.

Pay the fee for applying for a visa. Currently, application fees for visitors to the United States are US$140.

Go to the interview with officials at the U.S. Embassy. You will need to bring all necessary documentation and be fingerprinted. At the end of the interview, the official will tell you whether or not you have been granted a visa.

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