How to Voluntarily Be Given a Lie Detector Test & Cost

By Anthony Diaz de la Vega
Polygraph machines use simple physiological measures to detect lies.
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Lie detector tests, also known as polygraph tests, are used to determine an individual's honesty in response to questioning. Polygraph machines carefully monitor several different aspects of a person's physiology, including blood pressure, heart rate, breathing rate and galvanic skin response, or how well your skin conducts electricity (basically how clammy your skin is). Trained polygraph test operators ask an individual questions while monitoring their physiological responses for irregularities that may indicate the person is lying. Polygraph test prices range from a couple hundred dollars to thousands, depending on the nature of your request and time needed.

Collect details about why you would like to be given a test and give them to a polygraph expert. Research the process of being given a lie detector test to familiarize yourself with the procedure and help your session run smoothly. Find a polygraph expert in your area through the Polygraph Examiners Nationwide website, a thorough listing of all certified polygraph operators. Schedule an evaluation with a lie detector expert regarding the circumstances that have brought you to a polygraph expert.

Meet with the polygraph expert and explain the details of your polygraph request so they can come up with pertinent questions. Discuss any concerns or questions you have regarding the procedure. Ask if you can see the machine as well as the room where you will be taking the test. This will increase your comfort when you return on the day of the test, helping to ensure accurate results. Schedule your test.

Eat a light meal before going into your test to avoid accidentally altering your physiological signals. Try not to dwell on the subject matter you will be questioned about, as this can bias the readings. Stay relaxed and calm during the session to get the most accurate results.