How to Get a Registered Owner's Name From License Plates

By Kenyonda Bradley
Finding the registered owner of a license plate can be done easily.
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You can obtain the registered owner's name from a license plate by visiting your local department of motor vehicles or by paying an online website to retrieve the information. There are many reasons why a person may need to find out the registered owner's name. The most common is when someone hits your vehicle and then immediately drives away. This constitutes a hit and run. If you happen to jot down the license plate number and the state where the vehicle was from, the name of the registered owner can be located and you can file charges against that person, or the person who was driving. Although that is the most common reason why people search for the registered owner, it is not the only reason. Therefore, you should understand how to retrieve that information.

Visiting the DMV

Accurately write the full license plate numbers down for the vehicle that you want information about. Be sure to include the license plate state. Usually the registered state of the license plate can be found on the top and bottom portion of the plate.

Visit the DMV and inform the clerk of your intent to find the registered owner's information. The information that will be provided to you is information found in the public records. You cannot retrieve confidential information, such as the person's Social Security number and the owner's address. That specific information will have to be accessed by the courts. Submit the license plate numbers and the state of registration to the clerk. Wait for the clerk to print out the record attached to the license plate number.

Pay the clerk to retrieve the document if applicable. In some states, there is a price to obtain the records, but each state has its own policy and some states do not charge.


Complete step 1 in the first section.

Turn on your computer and access your Web browser. In the address bar type, or Each of these companies can provide you with a copy of the registered owner's record. Each website, however, charges a different fee. Therefore, research the companies and select the one that appeals to you best. Once you make your choice, follow the prompts until you come to the payment page.

Enter your information and pay the fees to access the records. The fees range between $15 to $89.99 depending upon the company and the information that you want. Once you have submitted the payment, the record is available for you to access. You have the option to save the document on your computer or print it out for safekeeping.

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