How to Write a 5 Day Notice for Residential Eviction

By George Lawrence
Draft your five-day notice by hand or use a word processor.
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Every state has laws concerning the rights and duties of landlords and tenants. While the specific process may vary slightly, many states such as Illinois, Louisiana, Utah, and Michigan require landlords to provide tenants a "5-Day Notice" that the tenant has done something to warrant an eviction (typically, nonpayment of rent). If you need to evict a tenant, you must comply with your state's Landlord/Tenant Laws. Failure to provide the proper notice could allow the tenant to stay on the premises or not be liable for rent due.

Title the document "FIVE DAY NOTICE."

Indicate who the notice is to. Typically, a "TO:" followed by the tenant's name and address suffices.

Explain in detail why the tenant is receiving the notice. Writing "You are hereby notified that [rent is due in the sum of $]" works if you are initiating eviction because the tenant has not paid rent. List the full address (city, county, and state) in this notice.

Detail specifically what the tenant must do within the next five days. For example, if the tenant hasn't paid rent, you need to explain that the tenant must pay rent within five days or else formal eviction proceedings will be initiated.

Sign and date the document. Indicate when you delivered the notice to the tenant. Keep one copy for yourself and deliver one copy to the tenant.

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