How to Get a Speeding Ticket Reduced to a Non Moving Violation

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If you must be conscious of your driving record for work purposes, or if you simply want to avoid points against your driver's license, you want to get your speeding ticket reduced to a nonmoving violation. When you are issued a speeding ticket, you are assigned a court date at which you can plead guilty or not guilty. This is the time when you can begin a negotiation process to get your speeding ticket reduced.

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Plead not guilty to your speeding ticket. Attend traffic court on the assigned date and tell the judge that you want to plead not guilty. A trial date is then set.

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Meet with the prosecutor at traffic court either on the day you plead not guilty, on your trial date before the trial, or on a different day by appointment.

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Tell the prosecutor that you plan to defend yourself against the speeding charge in court but that you are willing to plead guilty to a lesser, nonmoving violation if the prosecutor is agreeable.

Listen to what the prosecutor says, and suggest that the speeding ticket be thrown out and that a new ticket for "parking at a meter without paying" or "parking and blocking a driveway" be written. These violations carry no points against your license and have lesser fines.

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Sign a document created by the prosecutor, agreeing to plead guilty to the nonmoving violation. Appear before the judge and plead guilty to the new nonmoving-violation charge. Pay the fine for the nonmoving violation.

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