How to Get a Certified Copy of Divorce Decree

By Stan Kane
You, a certified divorce decree, you
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You can get a certified copy of a divorce decree to act as a legal document proving that you are no longer married. Certified divorce decrees are only available to the people who were divorced and their immediate family members. Certified divorce decrees typically have several certifications to prove the authenticity of the document, such as a raised seal or security paper. Divorce decrees may be necessary if you are getting remarried or considering changing your name.

Collect the necessary information for the certified divorce decree. The information you may need for the certified copy of a divorce decree includes the full names of the people involved, the date of the divorce and the location of the divorce. Information about the requester may also be needed.

Write a letter to the local vital statistics office (see Resources) requesting a certified divorce decree detailing the information you collected previously along with the reason for the request.

Mail your request for the certified copy of a divorce decree to the Office of Vital Statistics where the divorce occurred along with a self-addressed and stamped envelope.

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