How to Copyright a Music CD

By James Gilmore
Copyright, your CD, your music
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Copyrighting your music CD is an important process in protecting your music. It ensures that no one can copy your music or attempt to make a profit from it without your permission. Copyrighting an entire music CD at once is a good idea, since submitting a single song costs the same amount. You can copyright a music CD by mail or online.

Go to the website. Click on the "Electronic Copyright Office" icon. Click on the same icon on the next page. If you wish to copyright a music CD via mail, skip to Step 5.

Read the security and privacy button and click on the "Continue to eCO" button.

If you are already registered, log in to the Electronic Copyright Office with your user ID and password. If you have never used the Electronic Copyright Office before, click on the "If you are a new user, click here to register" link and follow the instructions to register an account.

Fill out the online form, upload the MP3 files from your music CD, and submit the $35 registration fee.

To copyright by mail, follow this link and print the form:

Alternatively, you can scroll down to the "Registration with Paper Forms" section. Click on the "upon request" link to take you to the next page to request paper forms.

Enter your name, address, and email address. Select Form PA. Click on the "Submit" button. The Copyright Office will mail the paper form to you.

Fill out Form PA, include two copies of your music CD and the $65 registration fee, and mail it to the U.S. Copyright Office.

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