How to Transfer Ownership of a Car in Florida

By Robert Lee
You, your car, it, Florida
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You can transfer ownership of your car quickly and easily in Florida, and you won't have to involve anyone else in the transaction except the owner. All you'll need is the title to the car. Ownership will be legally transferred as soon as you and the new owner sign in the designated areas on the title.

Get the title to the car. You should have this if the car is paid for. A certificate of title is needed to prove ownership of a motor vehicle in the state of Florida. If you have lost the title, you can apply for a replacement at any tax collector's office in the state. The agencies are located throughout each county. If you still owe money on the car, you will have to pay off your loan and obtain the title from the lender before transferring ownership.

Take the car and title to the prospective new owner or have her meet you. Look for a section on the title labeled "Transfer of Title by Seller." Fill in the address and name of the purchaser, the odometer reading, selling price (it can be zero if this is a gift) and the date sold. There will be designated areas for both the seller and the buyer to print and sign their names. You should print and sign first, followed by the prospective new owner.

Surrender the keys, title and car to the new owner to complete the transaction. If necessary, call your insurance company to notify it you no longer need coverage on the vehicle.