New York State BB Gun Laws

By Alexis Writing ; Updated June 19, 2017
BB gun with gun-shield and pellets in box

BB guns are a type of air gun. They shoot projectiles, which are called “BBs.” These guns are usually used for bird hunting, and the pellets are normally spherical. Since the BB gun is a type of air gun, there are certain laws and restrictions for using it. However, each state has different restrictions. For example, New York has specific laws related to BB guns.

Age Limits

In New York, you cannot own an air gun if you are younger than 16. An air gun is defined as a weapon in which the propelling force is a spring or air. A BB gun falls into this category. If you are caught with an air gun and you are not of age, you can be charged in juvenile court.

Potential Penalties

If you have a BB gun and are underage, potential penalties include community service or incarceration in a juvenile detention center. The severity of the punishment will depend upon your criminal record. If it is not the first time that you were caught with a BB gun, then the punishment will be more severe. However, if it is your first offense, you may only receive a fine or several hours of community service.

Stores Selling BB Guns

New York has a law requiring stores that sell air rifles or air guns to post a notice. This notice must be in a place easily visible by customers. The notice also has to be in close proximity to the air guns being sold. The notice must state that only individuals who are 16 and older can possess an air gun. The notice must also state the exceptions to this law. If the individual in question is using the air gun at a shooting range or for hunting pursuant to license and under supervision, then he can use an air gun and be under 16. If a store fails to follow the law, it will be fined. The fine can’t exceed $100.

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