How to Find Deadbeat Dads

By Jacqueline Gonzales
One possible consequence, child support, jail
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The number of fathers who evade paying child support, often called deadbeat dads, has risen with the divorce rate. While many fathers support their children through child support, many others do not. These fathers work very hard to evade paying child support, even to a point where they "disappear" to another state or area, making it hard for the families to find them. While the court system is supposed to handle this, it has many such cases and not enough manpower to go after every father. Instead, families often have the burden of finding deadbeat dads.

Research the father's work history. You can use this to track him down. Most jobs require references before they hire a new employee, and previous employers are often contacted. Talk to his former employers and see if any references have been given and to what companies. Companies may be reluctant to give you this information, and you may have to involve the court.

Use online search tools. The Internet has become a huge tool in locating people. There are many search engines designed to search public records to find people. is one such site. Pipl is free to use, but often will link you to pay sites for more information. It also links you to social networking sites that may have more information.

ZoomInfo is a pay site that can give you quite a bit of information for a price. US Search is another pay site that can give you details about a person.

Hire a private investigator. They have many more resources than the average person does, but they come at a price. Private investigators usually charge a significant fee by the hour. While it can be expensive, private investigators usually get the job done quite a bit faster than you could do it alone. Check your yellow pages or speak to your local court about a private investigator in your area.

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