How to Transfer a Car Title in Florida

By Steve Smith
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Once you buy a car in Florida, you must transfer the title so it will be listed in your name on county tax records. This process takes place at your tax collector's office but it will begin with your seller. You must have the seller complete a section on the car title in order to get the process started. So, when you buy a car make sure the seller has or will be able to gain access to the title. You will need several documents and all should be kept together in a folder to ensure a smooth and simple title transfer.

Review the title of the used car you are buying. Check the VIN numbers to make sure they match and make sure the mileage is accurate. After review, have the seller complete the "Transfer of Title by Seller" section which includes signing the vehicle title. You must have a proper title to complete this process.

Obtain a transfer of title application for buyers from your local tax collector's office. Complete this form in its entirety and place it with the vehicle title in your folder. It will ask for your address, name and vehicle information, so you will need the car title in order to complete it. The application is also available online at your local tax collector's website.

Set up an appointment and then go to your local tax collector's office. Bring both the application for title transfer and car title with you along with your personal identification, and submit them to a representative who will complete the title transfer process. Pay the title transfer fees, which are about $75.25 for vehicles registered in Florida, or $85.25 for out-of-state vehicles, as of 2010 (according to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles website). Use a check or money order.

Secure a copy of the receipt for the title transfer with the vehicle VIN number and keep them in your records for reference.

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